Conquer your Writer’s Block

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Writer’s block. When the ink just doesn’t seem to flow from the pen to the paper, and you just can’t think of what to say next, it can be tiring.


Everyone has dealt with the unavoidable writer’s block. When you’re on a time crunch to push out some creative content (like me, right now) this can get frustrating. All the words are up there, it’s just hard to get them to the paper. When the going gets tough, and I can’t get my content to flow, I stick to a few tips and tricks to help get the creative juices flowing.


Take a break. Well, this may depend on how close your deadline is! But really, taking a break away from staring at a computer screen can really help to refocus and even get some new ideas. Take a walk, grab a snack, run to Starbucks. Do whatever you need to do to give your creativity a kickstart!


Free write. Even though it may sound silly to take a break from writing to do, well, more writing, it is actually a great way to refocus and express yourself! Taking the time to just actually put words to paper, even if it is just what you ate breakfast for the day, can really help to stimulate your creativity and see how easy it is to actually write things down!


Skip the intro, headline, or one-liner. Sometimes the witty lines just flow off the tongue, and sometimes they just don’t! Although it seems like the first chronological thing to do should be to write the introduction, headline, or creative punchline, sometimes it’s best to skip to the end! In the case of a blog post, even just by writing out bullet points, an outline, or a few sentences you had in mind, this can really help to map out your thoughts on to paper and start content creation with ease! Jumping around may not work for everyone, but it is a strategy to try when you have writer’s block and need to create content.


Time Yourself. This one’s for all the procrastinators, yeah, I’m talking to you! It’s crunch time, literally. A strategy to combat writer’s block? Set a timer and get to work! If you have been staring at the computer screen for an hour with no content created, set a timer for even ten minutes and force yourself to start writing. You would be surprised how much you can accomplish in this short time when you set your mind to it and properly manage your time.


Turn Up the Tunes. There have been multiple studies that have found that music has helped writers complete tasks faster than those without music, and even generate better ideas! Whether you need a classical track to concentrate, or it’s the Top 40 countdown, listening to music may help you dance your way out of writer’s block!


Now grab a cappuccino with an extra shot, create a motivational playlist, and come back to your computer screen with a fresh mindset! Happy writing!

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