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We’ve all been there. Picture this. You’ve just sat down with your piping hot venti latte (extra shot included). Your fingers have just hit the keyboard and you’re staring at your Mac ready to write your next assignment. Your goal? Keep it fresh. With constant information circulating through the interwebs, it is crucial to consider timeliness in every message.

The question is: how do I make sure that what I write is not only witty and informative but that it is relevant? Content created with purpose will be way more likely to be served to your desired target audience.

Here are the top four ways to ensure that your piece is timely. We’ve even put together a snazzy checklist, which should be applied to every future work!

1. Know the word “timeliness”

The first step in content creation is understanding what timeliness is in the context of the writing world. In fact, this is a common staple in news writing. So, what is it? Timeliness is considered one of the elements in the writing world that consider a piece to be newsworthy! Now, take a look at your work. It may not be front page breaking news, and it may not be an editorial, but every written material should be newsworthy in its own way.

2. Double check your calendar.

Is your content up-to-date or did it happen two years ago? If so, what is the relevance now? There may be a chance that this is something that still pertains to what is happening in today’s world. If you can make a strong case for it, then there may be an exception to the date.

3. Leave outdated trends at the door.

Nobody wants to hear last year’s top 40 that was overdone by the radio. Avoid overkill, and ensure that all references are up-to-date. Can you include modern-day culture or current events happening? Is this a topic that is still current?

4. Keep things credible.

Where are you getting information from? When writing all copy, ensure that you are using the best source when providing information to your audience. Another great way to ensure that what you have found is correct is to cross-reference. Look at three sources that all share the same information to confirm.

The Timeliness Checklist

When you are finished with your piece, you should consider it as relevant as the latest special on the menu.

For example, imagine you’re writing a blog piece concerning the latest fashion trends. (As hard as this may be, let’s leave the UGGS out). Here are a few easy questions to ask after completing your work to ensure that this piece is timely.

  • Are my sources credible? (Hello, Cosmo and Vogue! Where are you getting your information from?
  • Is this up-to-date? Was this Cosmo article discussing fashion trends in 2012 — because things seriously change in the fashion world!
  • Is this relevant? Are you creating this content for a purpose and is your intent to make sure all fashionistas get-to-know the latest trends? Understand your message.
  • Can I walk away from this piece having a clear distinction of my target audience?

If you check off every box and are happy with your content, we’d say your work is ready to face some hungry bloggers!

Have you washed up for course two? Stick around as we talk about battling writer’s block next! Or, visit Our Services on the home page to learn more about Center Cut’s content creation services.

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