Mission on the Bay

A New England Escape to Fit Every Mood, Appetite and Desire

Sit back, relax, and enjoy sweeping views of the Boston skyline with the fresh salt-air on your skin. As a local getaway restaurant with multiple brands under one roof, Mission on the Bay is a prayer to the marketing gods. Center Cut Marketing proposed maximizing the beauty of the restaurant to its full potential, while instilling a positive perception in the community.

As former restaurant owners and Operation Managers, Center Cut Marketing knows the ins-and-outs of the restaurant business - and how crazy it can be. Thanks to our knowledge of inventory control and food profit margins, we were able to guide Mission on the Bay to improve the menus for more effective pricing. If you can’t stand the heat, don’t get out of the kitchen- let us help you!

To local natives, the owners of Mission on the Bay took over a beloved, iconic, older restaurant and tore it down. Although they built a beautiful new eatery, the locals were afraid of change. On-the-fly, we confronted the haters and created a customer retention plan that invited anguished guests back to the restaurant for a second chance. From personal table visits by the owner, to actively asking for more reviews from customers guests, the community perception started to shift. Reviews were more positive, and people started seeing Mission on the Bay as part of the community.

Along with a brand new restaurant comes herds of North Shore foodies glued to their Instagram feeds in hopes to find the latest trending entree. That’s why our focus was to spice up their social platforms by using our photography chops and a constant presence to remind guests that a beautifully crafted meal and cocktail awaits. This brought more customers in and helped us to gain traction online and continue to increase followers, which we will continue to work on from a window seat.