Three Center Cut Foodies’ quests for the perfect Newbury Street lunch spot

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When your office is in the heart of Back Bay, you really never go hungry. If we’re being totally honest, at Center Cut Marketing, eating is ranked high on our priority list. The key is to finding the best place to venture when you need that afternoon pick-me-up on a particularly challenging Hump Day. Well, between the totally veg juice shops, to the occasional pop-up deli, there are plenty of Newbury Street restaurants to choose from! Here are some of our favorite selections…

Raf’s Pick – Gre. Co! It’s my favorite fast-casual spot on Newbury that happens to be a two-minute walk from our office. The best way I could describe this modern Greek eatery is that it’s fresh, fast, and consistently delicious. From the plateware, to the restaurant decor, to the friendly staff– It’s hard to resist choosing this as my go-to! This is the ideal set-up for any local office team looking for an authentic, delicious and affordable meal. Must Try: The Horiatiki Salad with Spicy Feta… and don’t forget a side of zucchini chips.

Estelle’s Pick –  DeLuca’s Market! Full disclosure: DeLuca’s gets dubbed my champion because the pressure of this question feels like I’m answering to someone who asks what my favorite flavor of ice cream is. You expect me to pick just one Newbury Street restaurant? DeLuca’s is my loophole. As a specialty food market, DeLuca’s is so much more than produce, fancy cheeses, and a deli counter (all of which are a draw, don’t get me wrong). On a day that I’m absolutely lost without a classic Italian sub, DeLuca’s holds me down. The store is lined from floor to ceiling with shelves of gourmet spreads, and jars of pickled anything. Who says you can’t have a charcuterie board at your desk? Being located directly next to our office, it definitely wins in the convenience game, especially when the sudden urge for a clementine San Pellegrino hits at 2 o’clock! So technically, DeLuca’s isn’t a Newbury Street “restaurant” per say, but a go-to lunch spot? I’m in! Must buy: Braswell’s truffle mustard. You haven’t had mustard until you’ve had this heavenly spread.

Amanda’s Pick – Patisserie on Newbury! As a devoted carb-lover (no shame), one day on my Newbury Street Boston lunch stroll I was overwhelmed by the aroma of authentic fresh bread. How could I resist? As soon as I stepped in the doors and ordered my lunch, it was love at first bite. Putting my love affair with food to the side, Patisserie on Newbury is the perfect go-to lunch spot when I’m in desperate need of a Caprese sandwich. But, there’s more! Patisserie on Newbury bakes fresh baguettes and pastries each morning, with everything from macarons to croissants. Not to mention, this spot happens to be a Newbury Street restaurant on the same block as our Center Cut Marketing office! For convenience, authenticity and endless carbs — this is definitely a top choice to satisfy my lunch cravings! Pro-Tip: Try the Caprese Sandwich and a Cafe Mocha.

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